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    About Us

    Deepora Food Machinery (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. is a modern high-tech machinery Co.,Ltd.The company aims to build a global platform for the integration of the food processing equipment industry to provide customers with products that create value.Our mission is to make our services innovative.The client interprets the wings of taking off and brings more value to customers;the main business is beverage and juice jam processing equipment,and through continuous technological innovation,optimizes reso......

    Beverage Production Line

    • Can production l
    • Production line
    • Production line
    • Production line

    Industry News

    • [2016-09/08] 低調做人,高調做事!
    • [2016-04/16] 易拉罐飲料生產線
    • [2018-04/04] 飲料灌裝機
    • [2018-04/04] 易拉罐生產線市場發現需求
    • [2018-04/04] 飲料機械推廣的必備條件
    • [2018-04/04] 飲料機械中的貼標機發展狀況
    • [2018-04/04] 飲料機械對生活帶來哪些便捷
    • [2018-04/04] 番茄醬生產線價格|番茄醬灌裝機|番茄醬加工生產設備廠家德撲拉食品機械
    • [2018-04/04] 飲料機械使用流程及注意事項介紹
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      The unique pack 2016-12/07

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    Contact Us


    • Deepora Food Machinery (ShangHai)Co.,Ltd

      16.No 2288,Baishi Road,Baihe Town, Qingpu District,Shanghai City, R CHINA

    • Telephone

    • +8615221484853
    • Email

    • deeporacom2015@gmail.com
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